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Premium Residential & Commercial Solar Panels for Sustainable Living

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Solar Panel Grants for Farmers

Solar energy
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Get Grants for your farm

Solar Panel Grants for Farmers

Are you concerned about securing an Agricultural solar grant but unsure about the application process and eligibility requirements?

Worry not, as it’s incredibly straightforward and simple.
Any dairy farmer planning to install a solar PV system, whether it’s a small installation or tailored to your specific energy requirements, can easily qualify for this grant.

Additionally, our team of experts is here to provide complete guidance every step of the way.

Unleash the power of solar energy and revolutionise your farm’s sustainability with EcoAer, Ireland’s premier provider of solar systems!

The Irish government has recently announced a ground-breaking solar panel grant for farmers designed specifically to support dairy farmers in adopting solar energy solutions. Introducing the Solar Capital Investment Scheme (SCIS), under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3).

Challenges for Dairy Farmers

  • Rising energy costs
  • Fluctuating milk prices
  • Global financial factors
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Dependence on fossil fuels

Benefits of Solar PV Panels For Your Dairy Farm

This grant will help you install Solar Photovoltaic panels in your business to generate renewable electricity.

Cost Savings

Farmers can significantly reduce their energy costs over the long term by adding solar PV. Decreasing reliance on expensive fossil fuels and providing a stable source of solar energy that is not subject to price fluctuations.

Government Grant Support

A great opportunity for dairy farmers to secure substantial grants for their solar investments. The enhanced grant rate of 60% and the investment ceiling of €90,000 make it financially feasible for farmers.

VAT Recovery

VAT can be reclaimed in relation to the construction or installation of qualifying equipment for the purpose of micro-generation of electricity for use solely or mainly for the purposes of a farming business.

Accelerated Capital Allowance

Solar PV qualifies for full tax relief in the first year under ACA, allowing farmers to deduct the installation cost (excluding TAMS grants) from their taxes, depending on their profits and tax rate.

No Planning Permission Needed

Government has removed the requirement for planning permission for solar PV systems on the roofs of agricultural premises.

Environmental Stewardship

Installing solar PV systems helps farmers reduce their carbon footprint, align with climate goals, and contribute to a greener future.

How to Apply

At EcoAer, we have a dedicated TAMS consultant who can guide you through each step in acquiring the grant.

How our Process works?

Initial Assesment

Get in touch, answer some quick questions and get an initial estimate which includes product details and costs.

Design & Quote

We will arrange a survey at a time which suits you with our expert solar engineer to discuss the installation options and process, followed with the tailored design and final quote.


Our team will schedule the installation on your desired date, ensuring an easy and hassle-free process.

Benefits of Solar PV

Save up to 80% in your Energy Bill

Businesses can potentially achieve up to an 80% reduction in energy consumption based on their electricity usage and the size of the solar system.

Increase the value of my business

By adding solar panels to your business can potentially increase the value of your business, as it represents both an investment and a mean to reduce your energy expenses.

Get up to €162k SEAI Grant

For more information please visit our commercial solar grants page.

Solar PV systems require minimal maintenance

Solar system don’t have any moving parts, so you only need the occasional cleaning to keep them shining bright. Rain also contributes from time time by giving them a good rinse.

It can help reduce your carbon footprint

Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and lowering carbon emissions associated with electricity production.

Quick Installation process (depends on the size)

The installation process depends on the size of the system and our dedicated team make sure to make it simple, quick and hassle-free.

All our solar panels come with 30 years Warranty (product & performance)

We deal with premium solar brands to give our customers the highest quality. All our photovoltaic (PV) panels come with a 30-year performance and product warranty.